Neuralink Explainer Curriculum Challenge

I woke up this morning and watched a video from Neuralink of a monkey playing a computer game with its brain. How on God’s green Earth do they do that!?

The thing is, I know what’s going in that video - or at least many parts of the story. And I suspect many of you readers do too. I could never have done it, but I can explain many aspects to a high schooler.

I propose an open source wiki-curriculum challenge where contributors add content (videos, articles, or interactive activities) to help a 15 year old student learn about everything happening in that video. It’s rich territory to introduce topics. I can imagine lessons on:

  • Neuralink technology
    • Neural networks and the foundational topics to understand how they work
    • Brain anatomy
    • Biomedical engineering of the device
  • How we came to be testing on monkeys
    • History of how humans understand monkeys and other intelligent species
    • Ethics of animal testing
    • Biologically, why do we choose pigs and monkeys for testing?
  • The society that engendered this moment
    • Why would you start a company?
    • Why work for a startup vs a corporation?
    • Impacts of immigration (Musk is South African)
    • Why is the company in Silicon Valley?
  • The tech that brought this video to your screen
    • How is video created?
    • How the internet brings it to your screen?

I’m going to try creating a few lessons. I hope you’ll help!

Written on April 9, 2021