Supported Families, an Endowed Social Enterprise (unfinished)

Target populations:

  • Community college students
  • Young parents + kids at risk of CPS involvement because of poverty

Goals for residents:

  • Earn online degrees or certificates, with completion rates in line with public research universities
  • Vocational training and start businesses
  • Build savings
  • Build healthy families


  • Pooled household services like laundry and basic food
  • Pooled childcare, augmented with parenting training
  • Shared services for Internet, phone, etc.
  • Heavy surveillance for child safety and a healthy environment (drug free)
  • Educational support services for online college and for kids
  • Placement with local employers
  • Entrepreneurship incubator
  • Minimize need for ongoing funding beyond initial endowment of land and buildings so that it’s extensible.
    • Anybody can join except perhaps to keep certain quotas for need. Basically like affordable housing.
    • Housing spots should not be supply constrained
  • Recruit mentors to stay temporarily or permanently
Written on July 8, 2022